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Apparently I work on the distribution and abundance of species using data and models, and I value theory more than hypotheses. Scale, spatial, climate, community and species ranges are also important and the author I cite most is someone named "et al".


Updated March, 2011


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    • Featured in Trends In Ecology and Evolution's "Research Focus" section in a piece by Nee and Stone (TREE 2003 18(9):433-34)
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  4. Magurran, Anne and Brian J. McGill co-editors of "Biological diversity: frontiers in measurement and assessment" (Edited book scheduled release Nov 2010). Authors of the 21 chapters include: Robert May, Gotelli, Colwell, Gaston, Chao, Chown, Rosenzweig.
  5. Magurran, Anne and Brian J. McGill - "Challenges and opportunities in measuring biodiversity" (introduction to book)
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  7. Peter Whiteß ; McGill, Brian J.;Lechowicz, Martin J "Detecting changes in forest floor habitat after canopy disturbance" (accepted with minor revisions Ecological Research)

In Revision

  1.  Bahn, Volker and Brian J. McGill - "Assessing the predictive power of distribution models" (Ecography)
  2. McGill, Brian J - "Structure of abundance across species ranges: synthesis, evidence, mechanisms " (download draft)
  3. McGill, Brian J and Volker Bahn - "Ecoinformatics: skipping the fad phase"

Organized symposia and working groups

  1. "Tools and fresh approaches for species abundance distributions" - Working group at NCEAS for 2006-2007 (Co-PI's Rampal Etienne, John Gray, Jessica Green)
  2. "A 'new' paradigm for community ecology: building from functional ecology" - symposium at Ecological Society of America meeting in 2004. Co-organized with Brian Enquist (see proposal)
  3. "Beyond endangered, mass gaps and abundance" - presentation at working group on gaps in body mass distributions - December 2003 - Host: Craig Allen and Buzz Holling

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