Current lab members

Peter White (McGill)
is a PhD student working on macroecology of boreal and Monteregian forests
Richard Feldman (McGill)
is a PhD student working on the dynamics of species ranges in hummingbirds
Julie Messier (McGill, UofA)
finished her MSc with me at McGill studying functional traits of trees in Panama. She is now doing her PhD with me working on functionl traits in temperate trees
John Donoghue (UofA)
is a PhD student working on ecoinformatics and biodiversity

Lab alumni

Volker Bahn (McGill)
was a Postdoc in the lab working on a variety of issues related to species ranges and habitat modeling. He now has a tenure track position at Wright State
Sergio Estrada (McGill)
finished an MSc on how bat communities are structured along an environmental gradient in Panama